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The Low FODMAP Diet Starter Kit

Receive Great Tasting Low FODMAP Snacks, Recipes and More With The Gut Program

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The low FODMAP diet is difficult to start and even harder to maintain. When we started, we felt like it was next to impossible!

Determined, we set out to help others stick to the low FODMAP diet. Each starter kit is filled to the brim with great tasting snacks, recipes and more!

Recommended by gastroenterologists AND dietitians our programs contain everything you need to start the low FODMAP diet.  Loaded with tasty snacks, delicious recipes, great ingredients, low FODMAP guides and exclusive discounts, our programs take the work out of the low FODMAP diet!

The Gut Program can help you start and maintain the low FODMAP diet with foods that you actually want to eat!

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- Great tasting snacks & ingredients - handpicked by us!

- Ingredients for making your own homemade FODMAP recipes 

- Proven supplements to eliminate symptoms faster

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- Exclusive low FODMAP recipes designed for the whole family to enjoy

- Easy to follow even for beginners!

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- 30 minute phone conversation on the low FODMAP diet

- Ongoing support from our team

- Want to reorder? Get access to our exclusive members only low FODMAP store

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How to jump start the low FODMAP diet


The Gut Program offers 3 programs, each overflowing with recipes, snacks, ingredients, and more that you can eat at home, on the go, and at the office (just hide them from the rest of your family).

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Eat (or drink) the contents of each box while learning about the best kept low FODMAP secrets.

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Reorder your favorite snacks & recipes on your own schedule from our exclusive low FODMAP store. We don't automatically schedule new orders! We help you find the low FODMAP diet that works you!

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Meet Jan and see how she took control of her IBS using The Gut Program with a low FODMAP diet that finally works.

Why Choose Us?

When my doctor told me to go on the low FODMAP diet he gave me a single piece of paper with almost no helpful information...

Instead of giving up, my wife Cory and I decided to commit to making it work. After countless of hours of research we found foods that made it easier for me to stick to the diet -not to mention foods that she enjoyed as well!

We put together The Gut Program to show you that the low FODMAP diet is not the end of great tasting foods!

-Drew + Cory

Our story

I am 100% symptom free and could not have done it without The Gut Program. Food and recipes were customized to my specific needs and they were just an email or text away when I needed help or support. - Nicole Licht


Hundreds of others have have successfully navigated the low FODMAP diet with The Gut Program.


“For those wanting to try a low FODMAP diet, The Gut Program serves as a great resource to get started and find success."

- Dr. Ken Brown, Gastroenterologist

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Ready to Jumpstart the low FODMAP diet?

Like you, when we first started the low FODMAP diet, we were confused, frustrated, and ready to give up.

That all changed once we found out that eating on the low FODMAP diet can actually be delicious!

We make it easy to start and maintain the low FODMAP diet with tasty foods and recipes. 

Our programs come with everything you need to succeed on the low FODMAP diet through each phase of the diet - elimination, re-challenge, and reintegration!

Put us to the test and select one of our handpicked programs and conquer the low FODMAP diet with The Gut Program. The difference of sticking to the low FODMAP diet and failing is eating great tasting food!

Don’t forget, each program comes with a phone call to answer all of your low FODMAP questions!

Simply select one of the programs below to get started:


A great way to get started with the low FODMAP diet!

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Get started and maintain the low FODMAP diet. Contains everything you need!

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Customize your program with snacks & recipies tailored to your specific tastes / food sensitivities.

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