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Dr. Ken Brown & Atrantil - The Gut Program Podcast

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Welcome to the first ever Gut Program Podcast!

Recently, a lot of buzz has been surrounding 'gut health'- and for good reason. Increasingly, research and studies are being published about the gut and how it relates to other systems within the body.

This episode features a very special guest -  gastroenterologist Dr. Kenneth Brown creator of Atrantil. We go in-depth on a few topics regarding gut health and his development of supplement Atrantil.

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Watch now:


Some background on Dr. Brown and Atrantil:



Dr. Brown is board-certified in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine and regularly appears on some of the largest health-related podcasts and contributes to national publications and television shows as a digestive health expert.

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Show notes:

2:30 - The brain and the gut connection 

5:00 - Leaky gut vs IBS

12:00  - How IBS diagnosed 

18:00 - Atrantil and IBS-C

26:00 - Gut bacteria and carbs

27:00 - Fasting and resetting the gut

35:00 - Atrantil and IBS-C, D and mixed

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