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Master These 10 Steps to Master Your Gut This Holiday Season!

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Are your gut issues cramping your style this holiday season?  Don't let them! The low FODMAP diet is your safety net and protects you from symptoms waiting to occur when you’re celebrating this season! You just have to think ahead, prepare ahead, and then be ready in case something goes wrong. 

10 Steps to Surviving the Holidays on the Low FODMAP Diet:

  1.  Know the menu ahead of time. The host of the party can help you determine how prepared you should be. For example, if she’s planning on serving sandwiches with high FODMAP bread, then bringing your own low FODMAP bread will help you stay on track. It will also help you fit in with the other guests at the party as they won’t be eyeing a sparse plate.
  2. Eat before you leave for the holiday parties. This step works well for the times when you don’t know the menu ahead of time and don’t have time to prepare anything to bring.  A full belly will help you stay in control while surrounded by potentially harmful party treats!
  3. Offer to bring food to parties. Unfortunately, the most common party foods are loaded with high FODMAP ingredients.  You may not find your ideal foods at the party, but by planning ahead to bring food, you won’t feel awkward and can enjoy eating at the get together.  What food is the best choice? The one you are most likely to cheat on. For example: if you’re likely to indulge in desserts, bring your favorite low FODMAP dessert. If you find yourself with a tendency for drinking alcoholic drinks, bring soda water with no added sweeteners.  Consider bringing two foods – a meat dish and a dessert. This way you’ll have something substantial and something sweet, won’t feel deprived, and can fill in the rest of the food with selected non-FODMAP foods served at the party. 
  4.  Better yet, offer to host your own! If you have the time and space, this is an excellent way to gather your loved ones while staying in control.  Hosting the party ensures you’re bash will be full of tasty low FODMAP options! Low Fodmap Holiday
  5. Make a commitment ahead of time about alcoholic drinks – and stick to it. Remember: vodka, whisky and gin are the safest choices.  Try to avoid rum, tequila, sugary mixers, beer (which is often packed with gluten!), dessert wine and those holiday punch options.  Lime, lemon and soda water are great ways to add flavor to your drink without sabotaging your gut.  Drinking in moderation is even more important while on the low FODMAP diet, even the safest alcohol options can induce unwanted symptoms.
  6. Bring calming tea bags with you. Remember that drinking a cup of tea is always “in” and is a good substitute for beverages that could cause gastric distress. Chamomile and peppermint are always useful.
  7. Go to parties for conversation and friendship, not food. By shifting your focus from food to being in the moment with loved ones and friends, you inadvertently avoid making bad food choices because you’re so busy spending time with people, not at the food table.
  8.  Keep your Atrantil handy. In case a food reaction occurs, you can neutralize it with a few capsules Atrantil.  
  9. Most importantly- don’t be too hard on yourself. The holidays are a tough time for a low FODMAPer, so many food options bring nostalgia and fond holiday memories.  It is important to be aware and try to limit our intake as much as possible, but nobody is perfect slip-ups happen.  If you fall off the wagon its important to hop back on as soon as possible.  
  10. Set a big goal for yourself – no food reactions this holiday season, and use the recommendations above. Alter them to fit your needs and go for it and have the best holiday season of your life this year! Be sure to check out our Low FODMAP snack box options!


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