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My IBS Relief Now - IBS Hypnotherapy Review

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Can IBS hypnotherapy help to relieve IBS symptoms?

Isn’t hypnotherapy just bunch of nonsense!?

I believe those were my exact thoughts when I first started the IBS Relief Now program. Like many of you, I had heavy skepticism when I first tried the IBS relief now program...

Hey everyone, Drew here with the Gut Program. If you are new to the site then you know I have spent the last few years now on a quest to find IBS relief. While I have been able to reduce my symptoms with the low FODMAP diet and CBD oil,  I am still always on the lookout for new treatments which is why I was intrigued with IBS hypnotherapy!

As you may know, I tend to shy away from hard pharmaceutical drugs and am always looking for a more holistic approach with diets and supplements. However, hypnotherapy always seemed like a stretch even for me!

It wasn’t until I met the clinical psychologist, David Alter, via our Facebook group, the gut-brain connection that I started to change my mind. After just a few minutes of speaking to him on the phone, I realized that he wasn’t a quake. Everything he was saying lined up with the science behind leaky gut, IBS, and other gut issues.

My Review: Here’s My Thoughts and Opinions On IBS Relief Now…

Can an IBS Hypnotherapy help reduce your IBS symptoms?

IBS Hypnotherapy

Before I jump into exactly what you get in the IBS relief now course, let me give you some more background on David Alter and his approach to IBS hypnotherapy.

As I mentioned, I had the luxury of meeting David before I took the course. That conversation allowed me to understand where he was coming from, his approach and his thought process.

You might think that this is all based on nonsense, but I can assure you that his approach is science backed. In fact, in all of his 30 years of practice, his gets most of his clients from doctor referrals!

You see, IBS is not just a physical issue within your gut! Your stress level and environment can also dictate the symptoms of IBS.

Many of the GI and functional doctors I have had on the gut-brain connection all share a similar mentality. The first thing you should do to combat IBS is to eat right and work on your stress/anxiety levels!

Stress and Anxiety management is the exact approach that David takes in his course.

If you want to know more about his approach, I had the pleasure of interviewing him on the gut-brain connection.

Check out the video below:

How Does The IBS Hypnotherapy Course Work?

The course is straightforward to navigate, and while it is relatively new, new and updated videos and information will be coming out soon.

David was able to blend both hypnotherapy with science-based information to create his course.

The course is designed correctly and allows you to consume it in a variety of ways.

The course contains eight sections with four different practices in each section.

These include:

  • Video sessions - about 20 to 30 minutes in length that gives high-level, in-depth background to the subject
  • Guided practices - These are more of the hypnotherapy practices
  • Writing exercises - These allow you to digest and remember what you have learned
  • Readings - In-depth PDF with references to science-based articles and research

In other words, there is a ton of content to work through. I recommend following the course at a slow pace and not to rush through it as quickly as possible.

Like any online course, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

What’s Included With IBS Relief Now

Here is what you get:

IBS Hypnotherapy

For only $247 you get tons of material to go through. (Be sure to use the promo code gutbraincommunity to get a 20% discount on his site!)

Like I mentioned above you get a ton of content with your purchase of IBS relief now.

The course includes:

  • Eight weeks of IBS hypnotherapy coursework:
    • Week One: What does a Body-Mind Perspective Mean to Managing My IBS
    • Week Two: Your Bodymind’s Second Brain (The Enteric Brain)
    • Week Three: Self-nourishment: It is about more than what you put in your mouth
    • Week Four: Two Sides of the Same Coin – Digestive and Emotional Health
    • Week Five: Why Doing the Unexpected is Important for Building Resilience
    • Week Six: Sleep: Your Bodymind’s Reboot Button
    • Week Seven: Emptying Out the Closet: Learning to Let Go of the Past
    • Week Eight: Putting it all Together
  • Four sections in each week
Video sessions









Guided Practices

Writing exercises


    It also looks like they have already updated some of the coursework since I initially took the IBS relief now course!

    Each section should take about 2 hours or so to complete about 1 hour of videos and 1 hour of reading/journaling.

    These sections give you plenty of time to work on it throughout the week without feeling rushed.

    IBS Relief Now Pros & Cons

    IBS Relief Now and IBS Hypnotherapy isn’t perfect

    While I love the course setup, IBS Relief Now is not perfect in its execution.

    • Attention span - At times, it can be difficult to keep paying attention to the video. Maybe it is the era that we live in, but the videos can be long at points.
    • Could use more resources - There is a lot of content to digest in each of the sections. However, I do wish that they would include resources to learn more or to find out more about other products that David recommends.
    • No guarantee - I will get into how it worked for me below. But I do wish IBS Relief Now would offer some guarantee on their product. 

    • Science-based information - David shares information that is both science-based as well as philosophy based. This helps you understand how stress and IBS work together.
    • Different learning styles - The course allows you to listen, watch, read, and do. This can be a great benefit to those that learn in different ways.

    Other than a few minor issues, the course is very well put together, and I am sure that they will be adding more / updated content shortly!

    My Results From Using IBS Relief Now

    Did IBS Relief Now Help My IBS?

    I used to think that hypnotherapy was fake and not worth very much.

    However, that is not the case...

    (Maybe for other course but not for IBS relief now!)

    IBS relief now is a great way to get the benefits of hypnotherapy without having to go too far down a holistic wormhole.

    This appoarch is what initially attracted me to David and his course, and it did not disappoint.

    I can say with certainty that Davids course has helped me in a variety of ways. While my IBS has been under control via diet and supplements, I never really worked on myself from a stress angle.

    Davids course helped me to learn to slow down, enjoy the present and take things as they come. I didn’t realize how much stress affected my entire body until after I went through the course and practiced the things that he taught.

    I mainly have noticed lower stress levels and thereby few stress-related IBS attacks.

    It is essential to remember that the results are going to vary. Becuase this is not a standard method of treatment of IBS, and it is going to be dictated on how much time and effort you put into the course.

    This is not just a pill that you take every day! Which requires work on your end and daily practice!

    IBS Relief Now Cost: Here’s How I Got my Cheap!

    Davids course runs $247 on his website.

    I was able to get the course for a lower price and now so can you! If you were watched my interview with David above we shared a coupon code for 20% to our viewers!

    We are going to share the savings with you as well!

    All you need to do is to Be sure to use the promo code gutbraincommunity will give a 20% discount!)

    That makes the cost to you only $197.60

    Purchase the course now!

    Conclusion: I am pleased with IBS Relief Now

    Overall, I’m impressed with David Alters IBS Relief Now course and IBS hypnotherapy overall. It’s helped me tremendously in managing my stress levels and has contributed to reducing IBS symptoms.

    I recommend this course especially if you’re are looking to reduce your IBS symptoms without having to turn to hard medications. I will say that you need to enter the class with the open mind as much as possible!

    Don’t forget to use promo code gutbraincommunity for a 20% discount!

    Thanks for reading my IBS Relief Now review. I will be making updates to this post as things change with the course. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below!


    AuthorAbout The Author: Drew is the founder of The Gut Program and a gut health expert. His work has been featured on The Gut Program,, Ask Men and The Gut BrainConnection Community. Learn more at his personal site.

    IBS Hypnotherapy

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