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The Gut Brain Connection Community

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It's finally here! A new Facebook group made just for people like you!

Join The Gut Brain Connection Community 

After months of development, we have finally launched our new Facebook group that is made specifically for low FODMAPers, IBS patients, and others interested in the gut brain connection!

After feedback from customers like you and joining and other online groups dedicated to gut health, we quickly realized that the groups shared a similar negative mindset on getting better. 

If you are not aware, a negative mindset will not only cause you not to get better but actually, make it worse!

New and growing research suggests that the gut-brain connection is stronger than you might think.

We Set Out To Change That

Our goal is to design a community for everyone to learn and grow with the best information possible. Which means not just information for sufferers like us, but real experts like gastroenterologists, dieticians, scientists, researchers, and more!

Join Us Today

We are just getting the party started, but join us, gastroenterologists - such as Dr. Kenneth Brown and other experts, who will be offering weekly insights into the latest on gut health. You can also share insights and ask questions that other members can answer!


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