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What Is Included in Each Box?

The low FODMAP diet is based on the belief that your symptoms are being caused by an undiagnosed food sensitivity. The diet is designed to eliminate the foods most commonly associated with IBS symptoms (lactose and fructose) to clear out the offenders and then slowly reintroduce them to detemine exacrtly which foods are causing problems. Finally, you’ll be able to live a symptom-free life, never again wondering, “what did I eat this time??” while suffering and sweating on the toilet.

Foods that are “high FODMAP” contain of short-chain carbohydrates (such as fructose and lactose), which are the sneaky little devils that are responsible for so much of your suffering.

After those high FODMAP foods are out of your system, you can then reintroduce those foods with the help of a dietitian or doctor and determine which one(s) are causing your symptoms!

Does it work?

You'll be most likely to see the benefits of the low FODMAP diet if your doctor or dietitian has recommended it to you or diagnosed you with IBS.

Studies have shown that 3 out of 4 patients who commit to the low FODMAP diet find long term relief from their IBS symptoms.

Do I have to stick to the diet forever?

No! The low fodmap diet is meant to “reset” your gut and cleanse out all types of carbohydrates that are likely causing your symptoms. Once you find that your IBS symptoms have been eliminated- usually after sticking to the diet for around 2-8 weeks.

The diet isn’t indefinite. It’s job is finished once you’ve identified only those foods that bring on symptoms. Then you can go back to your normal eating habits (just without the newfound offenders, of course).

How do I know each product is low FODMAP?

The Gut Program strictly follows the Monash University low FODMAP guidelines.  

We have partnered with awesome companies & dietitians that specifically create foods for people who follow a low fodmap diet!

How often do you ship the boxes?

Each Gut Program shipment leaves the warehouse within 1-3 business days of your order. Shipping usually takes 1-3 business days. Custom shipments can take 1-3 weeks depending on consultation.

How many boxes do I get?

Each program is 1 box loaded with a pre-determined amount of low FODMAP goodness. Should you wish to re-order any products or recipes, simply contact us!

Can I receive more boxes?

Absolutely! Many of our customers have loved the convenience of having us do the work for you and order additional boxes. Those boxes are custom created based on your preference and priced accordingly.

Do you offer support?

We are all about supporting our customers and love to answer any questions about the low FODMAP diet!

We always also recommend consulting your physician or dietian with medical questions.

Is this kid friendly?

Absolutely! Many pediatricians have been recommending the low FODMAP diet for their IBS patients and love to refer their parents to the Gut Program!

All of the ingredients and recipes are safe for kids, however, many do include nuts and therefore is not for anyone with a nut allergy.

Many parents choose the "Custom Program" option for thier children as they often require recipes and content specific to their tastes. Contact us for more info!