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Essential Stacks Clean L-Glutamine Powder - Designed for Optimal Gut Health - Pure Unflavored L-Glutamine Powder That Mixes Easily & Has No Odor

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What Makes A Great L-Glutamine Supplement For Your Gut Health?

If you have been searching for an L-Glutamine supplement to support your gut health, you are probably more confused than when you started. But thankfully there are just 3 things you need to look for.

1) Highly Absorbable - Most L-Glutamine products are designed for bodybuilders, not those looking for gut health support. This means they often have additional amino acids, which can reduce the effectiveness of L-Glutamine for intestinal support. So free form L-Glutamine is optimal.

2) Easy To Take - L-Glutamine often comes in capsules, meaning you have to take 5-8 pills to get a 5g serving. Thus powder is a much more convenient form. Unfortunately, many powders do not mix well. So a formula that can be mixed with just a spoon is preferred, especially if you want to take it frequently and without carrying your blender everywhere!

3) No Flavors, Fillers, or Odor - L-Glutamine supplements, especially those mixed with other ingredients, tend to include flavors to mask the taste and odor. Often they are artificial ingredients or sweeteners that can cause gastric distress. So a formula without them is ideal.

Unsurprisingly, it can be hard to find an L-Glutamine supplement that is focused purely on digestive health and thus ticks all the boxes.

Say Hello to Clean L-Glutamine

Delivering 5g of unflavored L-Glutamine per serve, this formula has been designed for people looking to support their gut health and not for those trying to look like mini Arnold Schwarzeneggers.

Best of all, it is super easy to take and comes without gut-irritating nasties like artificial flavors and fillers.

With a smarter, cleaner, and more effective formula, we are excited to say this is THE L-Glutamine supplement you have been looking for.


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