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Essential Stacks Upgraded Betaine HCL With Pure Pepsin, Ox Bile Extract, Organic Gentian Bitters & Organic Ginger - Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free & Non-GMO with 3rd Party Verified Allergen Testing

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What Makes A Great Betaine HCL Supplement?

Most companies are content to simply sell Betaine Hydrochloride (HCL) by itself. And whilst it can support optimal stomach acid and thus protein digestion, it is only a starting point. If you are looking for all-round digestion support, there are 3 things to look for…

1) Broad Spectrum Support - To really give your body a head start, it is smart to take HCL with:

  1. i)Pepsin, a digestive enzyme, to help complete protein digestion.
  2. ii)Ox Bile to support break down & digestion of fats.
  3. iii) Digestive bitters, like Gentian Root, to help stimulate the production of stomach acid, bile & enzymes.

2) Clean & Powerful Ingredients - Unfortunately, of the few companies that understand the benefit of these 3 complementary ingredients, most use the cheapest version. For example, most brands use diluted Pepsin, which is weakly dosed, eg 1:3,000 potency, and contains lactose. Meanwhile, some brands even use Pepsin derived from fungus (Aspergillus niger). It is thus crucial to look for an HCL supplement that only uses the best quality ingredients.

3) Certified Gluten, Dairy & Soy Free - Many supplements contain one or more of the major allergens. So finding one without them and that has been 3rd party lab-tested is ideal.

Unsurprisingly, it can be hard to find an HCL supplement that ticks all the boxes.

Say Hello to Upgraded Betaine HCL

With 500mg Betaine HCL per capsule, plus pure uncut, porcine-derived & lactose-free Pepsin (1:15,000), Ox Bile Extract, Organic Gentian Root & Organic Ginger Root, this is the smartest formula for all-round digestion support.

Best of all, it contains NO fillers and is FREE FROM gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, egg, shellfish, nuts, corn, maltodextrin, GMOs, or China-sourced ingredients. Plus, every batch is made in the USA and is 3rd party verified gluten, dairy, and soy-free.


  • Betaine HCL
  • Ox Bile Extract (min. 40% cholic acid)
  • Organic Ginger Root (4:1 extract)
  • Pepsin 1:15,000 (pure uncut pepsin, lactose-free) (porcine)
  • Organic Gentian Root (5:1 extract)
  • Other Ingredients: Vegetable capsule (cellulose).
  • CONTAINS NO: gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, egg, shellfish, nuts, corn, starch, sugar, salt, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, or sweeteners.

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