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Love Your Gut: An Easy-to-Digest Guide to Health and Happiness from the Inside Out

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The go-to lifestyle guide for a happy gut, with easy-to-understand assessments and 50 gut-loving recipes

If you ask Dr. Megan Rossi about the best investment you can make in your future, she’ll tell you: Look after your gut. Seventy million Americans suffer from gut-related issues, diagnosed or otherwise. But it’s not just about gut symptoms: Whatever our wellness goals are—weight management, improved fitness, healthier skin, stronger immunity, or even happiness—gut microbes can be our best allies.

Dr. Rossi opens Love Your Gut with easy-to-follow questionnaires that will help readers discern their current health status and craft a personal action plan. She follows with evidence-based strategies on everything from sleep to yoga; expert advice on dealing with IBS, food intolerance, and other challenges; and over fifty delicious meal ideas: from Banana, Fig, and Zucchini Breakfast Loaf to Creamy Pistachio Pesto Pasta. (Did you know your gut microbes crave variety? Ideally, 30 different plant-based foods each week!) Love Your Gut makes it fun and easy to supercharge your digestive health and transform your well-being—from the inside out.